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What is a Sublimation Blanket And How to Sublimate It?

by Lorraine

When we talk about the sublimation of different products the things that come to our mind are mugs sublimation, photo sublimation, sublimation of smartphones, pictures sublimation, and goods sublimation. But here we are talking about sublimation blankets. When we describe products as sublimated, it involves a printing process.

Blanket sublimation is a process in which dyes are applied to the blanket. Simply it is the printing of blankets. Blanket sublimation is a good process for printing them. It is quite interesting. This process is easy and fun with the right tools.

In this article, we are going to discuss all the steps that are involved in printing or sublimating a blanket. If you are a businessman or want to be a business then this article is going to be beneficial for you. For further details must read the complete article.

How to sublimate a blanket?

Here we are telling all the steps that are important in sublimating the blanket.

Choose a Blanket

Choose a warm soft, and comfortable blanket for sublimation blanket to provide you protection from cold. You can choose any blanket which you like the most. Choosing the right and good blanket is quite difficult. For making things easy choose a warm and comfortable blanket for sublimation.

Choose an Image

Secondly, choose a good image that is closer to your heart. If you want to sublimate a blanket for giving as a gift then select an image that is close to the heart of that person.

Gather all Material

  • Choose blanket
  • Choose an image
  • Choose the printer or the ink for sublimation
  • Heat press
  • Heat tape
  • Use a roller

Preheat the Heat Press

The press is used in pressing. First of all, preheat that press before you begin. The press should be adjusted at a higher temperature. 90 seconds are the best time interval for setting up press so the image formed on a blanket.

Use Pressure to Press the Image

Use high temperature and high pressure on the press. So that the image gets enough pressure to get printed.

Print Image

Place the image. Open the image on your phone or computer, or tablet. Use the right image and style using MS world or canvas. Make sure that your sublimation printer has ink and paper in it. The image is ready for printing. When an image gets printed then let it dry.

Roll it Out

This is the most important step. Use a lint roller to roll it out. Take a link to that particular place where you want to print the image. Skipping this step results in forming stains.

Use Tape

Hold the heat-resistant tape in your hand and cut the strips. Place this tape on the table somewhere that can be easily accessible. The step stops the image from moving around to the exact place.

Cover it Up

After you tape on your press surface, cover the image with butcher paper. This will avoid any of the images bleeding through the paper and spread the paper.

Press the Image

Finally, it’s time to print the image. Apply a press to the image for 60 seconds then release the press. Then remove the press. Now your image is pressed on the blanket.


In this article, we told you about the different steps of sublimating the blanket. Hope this article will be helpful to you in the future.

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