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Jet Agitation vs. Mechanical Hydroseeding Machine: Which One to Choose?

by Lorraine

More than choosing the hydroseeding machine for its brand, you need to choose the type of machine which is best for the task you have to accomplish. Both Jet agitated and mechanical hydroseeding machines work differently and each is suitable for a different kind of task.

One is not necessarily better than the other but more suitable for certain tasks that can’t be accomplished using the other one.

If you are stuck in the dilemma of choosing the right hydroseeding machine for your task, here is a comparison between the jet agitation and mechanical hydroseeding machines and which one is better for you. Keep reading.

Jet-Agitation Hydroseeding Machines

In Jet-agitated machines, pump and pressure is used to mix the slurry and agitate it. You have to keep running the pump for the entire time the machine is running. The centrifugal pump is the main part of this type of machine.

Some of the output from the Jet-agitated machine is sent back to the machine to make it easier for the machine to mix the seeds, fertilizers, mulch, and more while the rest of output is sent from the hose and applied and sprayed on the ground.

One of the benefits of using the Jet-agitation hydroseeding machines is that they easier to use and maintain. There are no complex parts attached to it, just a pump and some other parts. This means there are fewer components that can break and need maintenance. All you have to do is put some water in the tank, run the engine, and let the machine do the rest of the work.

Moreover, the Jet-agitated machines are inexpensive as well.

However, they are limited in their mixing ability. The Jet-agitated hydroseeding machines were built to mix paper fiber hydroseeding mulch and so they might not be able to mix some other types of mulches or biotic soils like wood fiber mulch.

Mechanical Hydroseeding Machines

In a mechanical hydroseeding machines, there are large paddles that physically mix the slurry, in a similar way to a kitchen mixer. The mechanical machines are very expensive and even to buy the cheapest option in this case, it will cost you three times of the most expensive Jet-agitated machine.

You cannot operate it simply by putting in water in the tank. It requires expertise, skill, and knowledge to run the Mechanical hydroseeding machine.

However, they pay the worth of the money that they cost as the mechanical machines can mix practically any type of slurry. You can have any type of fertilizer, biotic soil, mulch, or other materials and the mechanical hydroseeding machine will be able to mix it. It can also mix a slurry which is two times as thick as the one the Jet-agitated machine can mix.

Which One Is The Right Hydroseeding Machine For You?

If you plan to do a lot of high-end commercial work with the machine such as roadside work and are hydroseeding for a living, go for the best and the largest mechanical machine you can afford. Don’t even think about the Jet-agitated version.

If you are taking up hydroseeding as a side work, doing commercial landscape turf, in backyards, golf courses, and more such stuff, you can buy a Jet-agitated machine.


Both hydroseeding machines work with the same basic principle of physics but Jet-agitated is simpler and the other works on a complex system which requires expertise. You can choose any one of the machines based on the task you intend to do.

If your task is a simple work in the backyard, the Jet-agitated machine is fine but for large commercial work, you need the mechanical version. Know your goals and invest in the right hydroseeding machine.

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