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How to Clean Uwell Vape Tanks Step by Step

by Lorraine

The cleaning of your vape pen is necessary for its smooth and efficient operation. Due to the accumulation of oils and e-liquid residue, your e cig may become less effective with time. You may be able to address some issues with your vape pen by cleaning it.

Below are guidelines for cleaning Uwell vape tanks:

1. Disassemble the device

The first step should be to disassemble the tank. This will allow the coil to be removed by unscrewing the top cap. After removing the glass tank, you can rinse the tank with warm water

Once the gadget has been disassembled, thoroughly clean the tank with warm water, removing any residue from any of the components. Thanks to this, any excess e-liquid that may have remained after previous use will be eliminated.

2. Wipe it clean with a highly alcohol concentrated cotton cloth

Use an alcohol-soaked premium cotton cloth to thoroughly wipe the device’s surfaces (like Isopropyl alcohol). In addition to ensuring that all components are completely dry before reassembly, this will eliminate any lingering pollutants from previous use.

  • Wipe it dry with a light paper towel
  • Leave it to air dry

How to Clean Your Coils

Cleaning the coils is one of the most essential steps to take when using a vape. If you do not clean your vape fluids properly, they may leave a nasty taste in your mouth and have an unpleasant flavour. Additionally, it might produce bad breath, which may cause you to lose friends or even the girl/boy of your dreams.

A vape coil that has been steeped in vinegar or ethanol for at least one hour will perform effectively.

To thoroughly clean your vape coils, submerge them in vinegar or ethanol. Due to its acidic nature, vinegar will dissolve any oil or residue on your coil. Ethanol evaporates quickly and leaves no residue, making it an ideal method for cleaning coil buildup.

You can soak them overnight if you choose, but do not soak them for too long because their surface may get damaged in the process. Rinse them under running water until no visible residue remains, and then re-soak them in distilled water to remove any leftover alcohol from the coil’s pores and crevices.

After rinsing, set the coil by blowing on its open side, to push the dripping solution into the pores on the side of the coil.

This whole process increases the lifespan of your coils and reduces the damage that dirty vape coils can cause. Many individuals are unaware of the fact that rubbing alcohol can be used to clean coils. Just be careful to use the correct alcohol, as other forms of alcohol may damage the coils. Every ten to fourteen days, your vaping coils must be cleaned.


These numerous ways will extend the time between cleanings and improve the flavour of your vape coils. No flavour should ever be compromised for a clean efficient tank. The key things to note when using either of these solutions is to be careful not to let the coil overstay in the solutions. On the other hand, when cleaning the tank, you need to wipe it dry, and ensure there’s no moisture or any form of dampness before you fill in your e-liquid.

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